In the Spotlight's Archives

The Technology Spotlight feature was discontinued in late 1998. This page is no longer being updated, but will be maintained as an archive of past technology and demonstration sites. Links will not be updated, and many may no longer be active.

  • webVIBE

    WebVibe is a project group in INFSCI 2075 Interactive Systems, a class offered by the University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • Search Broker

    Udi Manber
    University of Arizona

    The Search Broker, developed by Udi Manber and Peter Bigot at the University of Arizona, presents a different approach to web searching. It maintains a database of over 400 search engines, each covering a different subject. Users specify the subject of their queries (as the first word of the query), and the Search Broker automatically forwards the query to the relevant search engine. Subjects include stocks, weather, flight schedule, news, languages, nutrition, various medical information, government, movies, patent, software, science, TV, hotels, history, art, people, law, maps, books, and 400 more. For example, stocks ibm will return the current value of IBM's stock, weather seattle will give the current weather forcast for Seattle, and acronym grep will tell you the meaning of this acronym. The Search Broker's goal is to give better focus to web searches, but directing specific queries to specific places.

  • Two Demos from the Alexandria Digital Library Project

  • Computer Vision Online Demos at Carnegie Mellon University
  • NETRA: A Content-Based Image Retrieval System, University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Electrical and Compuer Engineering, Image Processing/Vision Research Group
  • ADL Image Match Demo, University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Electrical and Compuer Engineering, Image Processing/Vision Research Group
  • Instructional Management Systems (IMS) Metadata Tool
  • NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library (ADIL)
  • Online Music Scholarship Resources. An update of an earlier Technology Spotlight selection
  • Scout Toolkit Enhancements: Web Tools
  • New Zealand Digital Library: Melody Index (MELDEX)
  • Two browsers from the Brown University Scholarly Technology Group:
  • The Biblical Browser
  • The Quran Browser
  • IAT Online Music Demos
  • California Habitats, A Berkeley Digital Library Project
  • Infobus Socket Interface, A Stanford University Digital Libraries Project
  • Repositories for Scientific Literature, Grainger Engineering Library Information Center, (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Digital Library Initiative [DLI] Project testbed)
  • Webseek: Searching for Images and Videos on the World Wide Web (As of February 16, 1998, Webseek is no longer available at this URL.)
  • University of Library and Information Science (ULIS) experimental gateway for multilingual browsing of web pages in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities: Publicly Available and Pre-Release Software
  • Cypress, A Berkeley Digital Library Project
  • California Wildflowers, A Berkeley Digital Library Project
  • Handles and OCLC's PURL System, Handles as Persistent URLs
  • Alexandria Digital Library: Web Beta Test
  • GRASSLinks
  • Stanford Digital Library Project's InterBib
  • Advanced Structured Document Examples: A Berkeley Digital Library Project
  • TileBars: A Berkeley Digital Library Project
  • MultiValent Documents (MVD) Image Browser: A Berkeley Digital Library Project
  • The Intercast Industry Group
  • VDOLive
  • Visible Human Explorer Prototype (Version 2.1)
  • ComMentor
  • Virtual Reality Modeling Language Repository
  • Grail Preview
  • HotJava
  • D-Lib Magazine with Handles
  • D-Lib Magazine  Technology Spotlight

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