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D-Lib Magazine
July/August 2003

Volume 9 Number 7/8

ISSN 1082-9873

Taking Stock

If you haven't been reading D-Lib Magazine for very long, you may be surprised to find that this issue of the magazine is a combined issue (July/August 2003). In 1995, the first year of publication, separate July and August issues of D-Lib were produced, but from 1996 on, we have combined those two issues into one.

You won't, however, find a "Gone Fishing" sign on D-Lib Magazine's web site in August. Although you may not be able to detect the flurry of activity that takes place this time of year, the "vacation" from producing an issue in August provides much needed time for taking stock of what we've accomplished — as well as what we haven't managed to get done — and for deciding what we should do next to improve the magazine.

Some years we have used the month of August to redesign the look of the magazine. Other years we have held off-site meetings to discuss adding new features. Usually, we use the month of August to reassess our production work flow to see how it can be improved and made more efficient. Always, we review again the suggestions and comments we have received over the past months to see which ones point us in the direction of needed changes. Although we engage in these activities all year long, our August production break gives us more time to focus on them.

Coincidentally, last night as I was putting the finishing touches on this combined issue of D-Lib, I happened to overhear a discussion on National Public Radio on the importance of taking vacations [1]. One of the points made on the show was that taking a break from the usual work routine helps provide perspective and new viewpoints that lead to increased productivity and effectiveness. At D-Lib, that's what we hope to get from our production "vacation" in August. However, no matter how hard we try to be objective, we can't be as objective about D-Lib Magazine as you are. If you've ever considered sending a suggestion for improvement to D-Lib, we hope you'll take this time to send it.

Bonita Wilson

[1] The Infinite Mind with Dr. Fred Goodwin: "Vacation: Why is it important?" WAMU, Washington, DC, Sunday, July 13, 2003. Audio file available at <>. (Accessed 14 July.)


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