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User Evaluation of the Montana Natural Resource Information System (NRIS)

By Elaine Peterson and Vicky York


Appendix - The NRIS Survey

Interview survey for NRIS data users:       Interviewee __________

NRIS Web Site Evaluation Project -- Introduction -- Read before every interview:

This project is designed to assist NRIS in the development and use of evaluation tools for the purpose of assessing the impact of NRIS services and products. Results of this work will provide NRIS with information that guides the development of the web-site's design and content and tracks the enhanced effectiveness of the web-site as a result of ongoing redesign of the site.

Record the following.

Table 1 Image

What natural resource data do you utilize? If they use only one record that and proceed.

For what purpose:

Table 3 Image

What NRIS interactive applications do you utilize?

Table 4 Image

For what purpose:

Table 5 Image

Can you briefly explain how you add value to the NRIS data in your most common applications?


Did the use of NRIS data save you time and money?
What sort of problems did using NRIS data help you avoid?
You can explain that what we are trying to do is understand how the data is utilized by one agency or an intermediary agency to enhance the usefulness of the NRIS data.




Have you ever utilized the NRIS user services and support?

Table 6 Image

For what purpose:


How would you rate the services provided?

Table 7 Image

Overall, how would you rate the following attributes of the site?

Table 8 Image

Does your current website have an active link to NRIS? If not, would you be willing to place one?

Would you be willing to provide NRIS with other useful sites if contacted?

Would you be willing to contribute data to the NRIS site?

Would you expect NRIS to manage the data or would you prefer to simply link to your existing site? (Circle one)

Generally speaking, do you usually find what you are looking for when you contact the NRIS site?
Easily     Sometimes     Almost Never

What would you like to see NRIS do to most improve the site or their service?



What would you suggest NRIS not change about the site or their service?



Do you have any final comments you would like to make with respect to the NRIS site or services?



Copyright© 2003 Elaine Peterson and Vicky York



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