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D-Lib Magazine
November 2001

Volume 7 Number 11

ISSN 1082-9873

Authors in the November 2001 Issue of D-Lib Magazine

John C. Matylonek

John Matylonek is assistant professor at Valley Library, Oregon State University. He specializes in engineering and technology literature resources. He has over 20 years of experience working for academic libraries including positions at Western Michigan University and Drexel University. His primary research interests are usability in library web sites, creation of new services in developing libraries, and the roles of librarians in a changing technological environment.

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Portrait of John Matylonek

Carolyn Ottow

Carolyn Ottow is assistant professor at Valley Library, Oregon State University. She specializes in Government Publications and Law Resources. She has over 10 years of experience working in academic libraries, including positions at Oklahoma State University and the University of Wisconsin. Her primary interests are web interface design and digital libraries.

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Linda Pearce

Linda Pearce is Manager, Library Systems, at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. She has responsibility for the Integrated Library System and for special projects. She has also been Project Manager for the Electronic Reserves initiative for the past 3 years. Linda has done extensive exploration into all areas that pertain to digital libraries in general, including copyright issues, encoding and metadata standards, authentication, and software development.

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Portrait of Linda Pearce

Dale Peters

Dale Peters is Preservation Librarian at the Campbell Collections of the University of Natal in Durban, South Africa. As the Paper Conservator, she is responsible for the preservation and conservation of the various media comprising library, archival, museum and digital collections. Dale was co-opted as Project Manager to the national co-operative Digital Imaging project of South Africa (DISA). She has a special interest in digital preservation and especially that aimed to test digital technologies as a preservation management strategy in the African context.

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Michele Pickover

Michele Pickover is Curator of Manuscripts in the Department of Historical Papers at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. She is also a Board Member for the South African History Archives and Chairperson of the National Committee of the South African Society of Archivists. Michele is on the committee of the DISA Project and has a special interest in the notion of digital projects for countries in the south of Africa.

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Portrait of Michele Pickover

Jola G.B. Prinsen

Jola G.B. Prinsen has been deputy manager at Ticer B.V. ( since 1995. Ticer, or Tilburg Innovation Centre for Electronic Resources, is a private company owned by Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Ticer offers consultancy in the fields of digital libraries and ICT infrastructure, and organises courses and seminars on digital libraries. Jola is a librarian by training. Before 1995, she worked at Tilburg University as a computer science librarian, head fee-based information services, public relations and communications manager, and web master. At Ticer, her main responsibility is the organization of the International Summer School on the Digital Library and other, customized, courses and seminars. See also <>.

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Portrait of Jola Prinsen

Terry Reese

Terry Reese is a member of Technical Services at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. In 1999, he completed his B.A. in English from the University of Oregon and is now in the process of completing his MLIS from Florida State University. With over 12 years of computer programming experience, his primary research interests include information retrieval, software development, library automation and metadata development and processing.

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Lee L. Zia

Lee Zia is the Lead Program Director for the NSF National Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Digital Library (NSDL) Program. He served as a "rotator" in the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education during calendar years 1995 and 1996 while on leave from the Department of Mathematics at the University of New Hampshire. Zia rejoined the NSF as a permanent staff member in the fall of 1999. He holds degrees in mathematics from the University of North Carolina (B.S.) and the University of Michigan (M.S.), and applied mathematics from Brown University (Ph.D.).

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